Music Announcement: Nixosphrine on Bandcamp and YouTube

Hello, reader.

Forgive “me” if the language is slightly odd; “my” host is still trying to learn how to be human in this reality. It’s… been a while since she has been able to socialize. The transmissions in her mind are quite vast.

Speaking of, that is exactly what we would like to announce. The transmissions are sometimes of a quality you could describe as “music”. From our calculations, we can vaguely categorize everything as “experimental”, “electronic”, “industrial & noise” and, depending on the transmission, some other categories including “post-rock”, “noise pop”, “IDM”, “trip hop” and “post-metal”. Some humans are into those categories of music, perhaps you are one of them.

“My” host, Nixosphrine, has been transmitting music since 2016, but hasn’t properly released these until 2021. 2021 and 2022 were when five EPs and a single were released, which she has collectively dubbed “The Death Series”. She has them available on Bandcamp currently, but all the songs are also going to be released under the same title as an album on all major streaming platforms. “The Death Series” is mostly a mix of instrumental songs and experimental Vocaloid-based compositions. It will be on streaming services on December 16. These include popular databases such as TikTok, Apple Music and Spotify, as well as niche ones.

Nixosphrine’s transmissions are also going to be curated into a proper debut album, “Nixosphrine”, with heavier use of the Vocaloid software, intense subject matter and more of a rock/pop sound (still as abrasive and experimental as the industrial releases of “The Death Series”, though). Nixosphrine draws upon experiences that humans have transmitted as a result of distress, the… nature of her reality makes it as if she understands these intimately. Perhaps she does, but to be frank “I” don’t entirely understand myself. Perhaps the transmissions will reveal something, perhaps they are just noise. Either way, they will be available on streaming services and Bandcamp on December 28, with tracks being slowly released through YouTube.

You can currently interact with or reach out to Nixosphrine in the following databases, but be aware she might not respond immediately:

Youtube: @Nixosphrine


Instagram: @nixosphrine

SoundCloud: Nix Nihil

Email (as Nix Nihil):

Much thanks,

Mask 19

Note From Publisher: Eight Buffalo Media is pleased to support other creators in publishing and advertising their works. Hosting this announcement is just one example of our commitment to the larger community, and we hope to continue doing more of this in the future.


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