A Flame of Thunder: Poems and Paintings of Rageful and Skeptical Passion

Our First Book is on Sale Now Through Amazon!

Eight Buffalo Media Group LLC is proud to announce our first e-book, published through Amazon KDP, featuring first-time author Zoë E. Tolen's 'A Flame of Thunder: Poems and Paintings of Rageful and Skeptical Passion'.

In this raw and evocative collection, the author delves deep into the tumultuous emotions of adolescence, drawing parallels between personal passion and iconic figures from Christ to Kahlo. Exploring the dual nature of passion—both its light and shadow—the verses penned during their teenage years are interwoven with recent musings, revealing a journey of self-discovery and the transformative power of creative fervor. As you navigate through these pages, you'll find reflections that are messy, profound, and resonant, with a hope that readers might gain more than the author once lost. Dive into the poems and images where passion ignites and time bends, capturing the essence of ‘A Flame of Thunder’.


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